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We teach water safety to everyone we can because we care. We do this through personalized private lessons.


Welcome to Swim Season 2020

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Mark your calendars!  On Feburary 1st 2020, you can sign up for swim classes at Harrison Swim School!

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Starts June 1st (Sessions 4,5,6 & 7)

Times: 12:15; 12:45; 1:15; 1:45; 2:15 & 2:45

Instructor: Sierra Summers

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Parents and children learn together to increase a child’s comfort level in the water as well as build a foundation of basic skills, such as arm and leg movements and breath control. Two fun-filled levels will help introduce water safety concepts, to encourage a healthy recreational habit that your entire family can enjoy.


Preschool-age children will increase their comfort level in and around the water with these three levels of basic aquatic safety and swimming skills. Skills are age-appropriate, helping children achieve success on a regular basis while enjoying social interactions with other children. As in all Swimming and Water Safety courses, your child will always know that it’s safety first.


Participants are encourgaged to achieve maximum success with the learn-to-swim courses.  Based on a logical, six-level progression, swimmers of varying ages and abilities will develop their water safety, survival, and swim skills.


American Red Cross Adult Swim is intended for teens and adults who wish to improve their knowledge and skill for many reasons. It may be to overcome their fear of the water and to learn the basic skills and achieve a minimum level of water competency to improve their skill and technique either to increase their level of safety to improve their health and fitness or to perhaps compete in triathlons or to join a masters team.

We Can Do What We Do Because Of Our Awesome Partners and Support!

What can’t I say about Swimming for Life and Ms. Ginny!!  They are both absolutely amazing!!  I started this journey a little apprehensive but was willing to let my daughter try.  My daughter Abbie had such a fear of getting water on or near her face, and now she dives under the pool to retrieve her dive toys.  Abbie is also missing her corpus callosum of her brain, this is the part that connects the two sides and for her to do right and left-handed movements is extremely hard.  She is doing very well at her freestyle stroke now.  She also would not lay back to float for fear of something bad happening to her, and Ms. Ginny has made her feel so comfortable in the water she has no problem doing the backstroke.  She can now tread water in the deep end and find her way back to the side of the pool. She looks forward to her lessons and can’t wait to share her new knowledge with anyone that will swim with her! I can’t thank Ms. Ginny and Swimming for Life for this opportunity and everything they have taught Abbie.  They will forever have a place in our family and our hearts!!

Kellie Bartoletti

Mrs. Ginny works her magic in a loving manner. She’s passionate about teaching her students to swim and truly, deeply cares about each person and their safety in the water. It has been a delight to have my babies learn to swim with her, for she is very knowledgeable in her craft.

Cheryl Couture

Ginny Harrison has made the biggest impact on my family. My oldest daughter was swimming by 20 months by herself and rolling over to float. With a toddler and having twins 2 years and 2 weeks apart I don’t know what we would have done without this training. She is spectacular and we drive 45 minutes to get to her. Worth it!


Harrison Swim School has given us peace of mind in knowing that our children will know exactly what to do when they are in or around water. Their approach to water safety and instruction gives our family confidence that our children can swim and save their lives.


Questions to ask to help you choose the BEST swim instructor for YOUR family

  • Do you regularly teach infants, children or adults?
  • What methods do you use in your teaching approach?
  • As a parent, will I be able to watch my children’s lessons?
  • Do you have current certification as a swimming instructor? Do you have certification in First Aid and CPR?
  • Do you have a current criminal background check on file?
  • How long have you been teaching swimming lessons?



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