We are proud to offer our Maintenance Class Program to individuals who need to refine swimming skills. Maintenance classes are NOT for fearful swimmers or for swimmers learning how to swim. Here is what you need to know about the Maintenance Classes:

  • PURPOSE to sharpen skills and improve strokes
  • CLASSES consist of (4) 30-minute classes (Monday-Thursday)
    • May 18-21
    • June 29-July 2
    • August 10-13
    • September 28-October 1
  • FAMILIES with more than one child who qualify for Maintenance Classes:
    • Only ONE child can swim at a time (30 minutes) but, clients may schedule different children for each day.
  • BOOK multiple sessions throughout the season
  • CUT OFF DATES: Two weeks before the Maintenance Class is scheduled will be the cut off date for each Maintenance Session. Many families will take advantage of this program so the reservations will go fast! Plan your summer now!
  • COST: $150 for (4) 30-minute classes; same time each day. Full payment is due at time of registration.